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Kautex KB 25 (KB 50) Blow molding machine - Machine is sold !-

With 5 ltr. Accumulatorhead, with Article take out

Blow molding machine Kautex KB 25 KB 50

Krupp- Kautex KB 25 (KB50) Working hours since general overhaul ca. 2000 h

Max clamping force 410 Kn
Platens dimensions width 700 mm height 900 mm
Minimum mold thickness 2 x 320 mm
Min- max opening 600 - 1300 mm
Extruder l/d 100mm 25x D
Extruder drive 81 KW DC
Head Fifo Krupp Kautex 5 Ltr Accumulatior
Wallthickness control Moog TMC
Artikle take out


Blowing trought the head
Blowing circle 2x prop. Blowing and venting
Parison pinching device
2 x reserve for more heads

Hydraulic functions:

Blow pin movment 2x (+ 1x proportional)
Spreading movment 1 x
Accu head ejection prop.
Hydraulic cutting in the mold 2x

Presentation in progress possible.

–>>PDF Datasheet<<–

Location Bonn / Germany