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Three specialists who take care of your task with their common know-how:

Your contact for Blow molding + Blow molding machines + Blow molding technology:

Johannes Tack

Johannes Tack
Managing director of Xeel GmbH Bonn
10 years of experience with our own blow molding plant as an automotive supplier.
Design of blow molding tools, production optimization, design of extrusion heads.
Purchase and sale and placement of used blow molding machines.

Call Mr. Tack now Tel.:+49(0)228 9639400 or contact us by e-mail at

Your contact for construction + development blow molding machines + rework devices, retrofit, machine safty according MRL 2006/42/EG

Steffen Frey

Steffen Frey Steffen Frey, mechanical engineer
Managing director of Sagittarius GmbH, 53757 Sankt Augustin
Many years of experience in the construction of plastic processing machines, blow molding machines and finishing lines

Call Mr. Frey now Tel.: +49(0)2241 4938 855 or contact us by e-mail:


Your contact for the field of plastics technology, production technology in the blow molding and injection molding + commercial area and commercial contract drafting:

Juergen Moitzheim

Jürgen Moitzheim, CCI of Plastics and Rubber and B. Sc.
Managing Director Moitex, owner-managed by Jürgen Moitzheim, Dachsweg 15, D-53639 Königswinter
Many years of experience in plastics processing in various fields of technology and commercial implementations

Call Mr. Moitzheim now Tel.: +49(0)1702451877 or Contact us by e-mail

40 years of experience in plastics processing in various fields of technology and in the commercial sector

Elaboration of production, order picking and logistics concepts
Specific production method evaluation with extensive process engineering
Advice on raw material selection and throughput dimensioning
Support in design phases for all types of mold embedding, specified machine interfaces,
energy supply planning, discharge and non-productive time determination and follow-up process advice
Rheological pressure loss derivation of the melt channels, material-specific
Process and product FMEA
Acquisition of new customers and maintenance of existing customers
Conducting technical and / or commercial negotiations
Strategy derivation for sales and product launch
Contract drafting in the area of Terms and Conditions
Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDA)
Join-Development-Agreements (JDA)
Licensee and commission agreements